• €3.863mn


  • +85


  • +1600

    family groups


  • Wide typology of contracts (Mifid)
  • High diversification of Asset Allocation by type of asset
  • Weight in alternatives according to investment objectives profile
  • Agility of tactical adjustments and procedures through electronic signature
  • Portfolio information with great depth of analysis
  • Discretionary management mandates, optimizing our resources in asset management
  • Professional management with maximum diversification by type of assets, markets and investment possibilities
  • Automatic monitoring of risk levels and tactical adjustments.
  • Portfolio information with great depth of analysis
  • Independent Advisory Service on global wealth
  • Specific equipment for this service, with extensive experience and multidisciplinary capabilities
  • Design of strategic plan, definition of asset distribution and selection of suppliers
  • Global wealth monitoring and constant review of results and opportunities
  • Personalized tracking information, with aggregation of portfolios, entities and other assets